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The man who sees Jenko and Schmidt “in the act” calls them “faggots.” Jenko, football helmet on his head, gets up and yells back: “What did you call us? You can’t call us that!” His outrage is not a denial of the sexual orientation which the man has assigned to him and Schmidt, but rather at the language used. “Gay, sure. Homosexuals, maybe. And if you’re good friends with the person and they’re cool, queer.” 

- 22 Jumpstreet

It's 20 fucking 15 people. You don't call people fags or faggots anymore! Don't even use the word ferry! And just because someone is mean to you does not make them homosexual. The reason why your threads are attracting the big bad trolls (which the good trolls who know what they're doing btw) is because your threads are troll bate. 

And saying you don't care and posting a thread about not caring means you fucking care. If you don't like it hit the red X in the top right corner of your screen.

And to you who has the giant fucking ego. Dile it down a fucking knotch. You're not all that. This is Deviantart where we share our art not Yourart where its all about you. Stop being a dumbass, use spellcheck and stop making troll bait. 

Real complaint: My head is fucking killing me and medicine won't help no more....

Anti-complaint: South Park is on. 
Alright this is something that many Christians (not all I never said that) argue about with other people in the world. Homosexuality.

To many Christians I know: My mom, my fiance, my fiance's family, and every church I've been forced to go to which is either a Baptist church but more often a Non-denominational church. Homosexuality is an abomination to God as "said in the bible" (I have not found this statement in either testaments. I would think it would be said in Genesis when the creation of the first humans is recorded but it does not. And I have four different bibles of different types. Each is written slightly different to help "understanding" of the words.) 

Many people who have told me that "Homosexuality is an abomination to God" are also the people who believe gays should not marry and should not even really exist. That it is a sin to think that one cannot be the other gender and must be the gender they were born with. 

My point of view: Many of my friends who are gay (when I say gay I am referring to all members, men with men, women with women and the open minded bisexuals) deserve to live a happy life. I fully support them and I want them to find love and marry who ever truly makes them happy. I like to think my God loves all of his children even those who love the same sex they bare. Besides it is not my place to tell them where they'll be going in the after life. That's God's position, not mine. 

Yes, I am a Christian (not sure which I am), and I support gay rights. 

Now while having this discussion with my fiance he asked me, "Have you ever met any gays who believed in Christianity?" 

That stumped me, because I have not. I had one friend who was gay who was agnostic and he and I would share theories of a higher being to be considered a God (back when I to was agnostic) but he never believed fully in Jesus Christs being our savior. He did consider it a possibility.

Anyways are there any homosexuals out there who do support Christianity? Or a religion similar to it like Judaism? (I consider being Jewish very similar to Christianity since we both believe in the Old Testament. Other than that yes, we are different.)

Mini Story 2: Part 1

World: Thraesia
Continent: Lirosia
City: Baylasa (Capitol City of Lirosia)

The giant palace of Baylasa, Lirosia sat in the center of the South Pole and was surrounded by beautiful, giant diamonds that rose hundreds of feet above the surface of the great land. This place was haven and a fairy tale to most countries. Unknown to some, Lirosia was very real.

The palace was sculpted out Obsidian Marble which gave the place a daunting appearance. But it was truly divine. The only known existence of such marble was in fact used for this palace and was found here in Lirosia.

Corvin stood outside, his master having just relieved him of service for the day. The darfin man had pale blue scales and dirty blonde hair. His eyes the color of the ocean, focused on the horizon.

Footsteps came behind him but he did not need to see who it was. She told him she'd meet him here. Taking in a deep breath, Corvin turned to look at the young girl. But the girl he saw the day before was not the same girl today. She too was a darfin with a paler blue color to her scales and with vanilla blonde hair. But today her pale blue lips was dripping blood, tears falling from her dark blue eyes and the pain on her face was the only thing she could tell him.

Not you too... Corvin thought, looking at the poor girl in front of him. She opened her mouth and blood spilled out, onto the ground. She made a hoarse, squeal then closed her mouth tightly, wincing as she tried to swallow her blood.

The girl's name was Silah. She was still new to the job and was only 15 years old. Corvin had been a servant since he was 10 years old. He was now 27. Unknown to most of the royals here, Corvin still had his tongue. Though he knew better than to use it. His master occasionally requested Corvin's response with as much truth one could politely say. Other than that, Corvin rarely ever did speak.

But this poor child. Silah knew she was sworn to secrecy and everyone knows not to speak of anything to anyone. How could she be so foolish?

"You knew better," Corvin mumbled, feeling disappointed in the girl. He had hoped she would be smart like him so maybe he wouldn't feel so alone here. "You cannot tell a soul."

Silah shook her head as if saying she didn't. Before Corvin could ask why it was done to her a royal stepped towards them. He was a young Zyn with the black dyed scales along with the common tattoos. His golden hair slicked back and his black, pointed wings folded behind him. He looked at Silah with the eyes that could make the entire pole melt. Silah shot one last look at Corvin then ducked her head and followed behind the young man.

Corvin understood. Silah was assigned for more than just Diadan. She was just another Doll to break. Anger sparked inside him but Corvin suppressed that emotion with pity for the young Darfin girl. She was going to be Zanos's doll until he kills her. She had a chance of living long but what's the point without freedom? Corvin was lucky, even the daughters of his master had dolls to play with. But his master liked Corvin and kept the darfin as a loyal Diadan. And in return with Corvin is allowed to visit his family occasionally.

"Fasan be with Silah," Corvin prayed, "Be with Silah."

Corvin [Cor-vin]
27 year old male Darfin who is a Diadan for his master, a kind Zyn named Tolson father of Zanos.
Appearance: Short, muscular, light blue scales, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.
Race: Darfin

Silah [S-eye-lah]
Young 15 year old Darfin who is a new Diadan also called a Doll for Zanos.
Appearance: Short, toned, pale blue scales, pale blue lips, vanilla blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

Tolson [Tol-son]
One of the main royal Zyns, father of Zanos.

Zanos [Zay-nos]
One of the many sons of Tolson, a royal Zyn who is spoiled and cruel to his Diadans and Dolls. He is known for his abuse towards his servants and mistresses.
Age: 28
Appearance: tall, black dyed scales, golden blonde hair, black wings, golden eyes.

Lirosia [Lie-Row-Shee-ah]
Baylasa [Bay-Lah-Sah]
Diadan [Dee-ah-den]

Mini Story 2: Poor Little Doll
Another small story based in the world of Thraesia. If lost look at the notes:… and if you want to read the first mini story:…

World: Thraesia
Continent: Savna
Province: Phaj (Second Province)
City: Medna

A tall, figure dressed in a thick fur jacket and fur pants and white snow boots, also fur stood a the edge of the cliff. The harsh, cold wind was the only welcome one could get here in the second province of Savna. She stood still, back facing the wind, looking over the raging sea of temperatures cold enough to kill. The ice was breaking, it was summer here, in Phaj, though one might not agree with that. Diarre had been standing in the same position for a long time now.

"Diarre!" A voice cried out through to harsh winds, "Diarre!"

It was her younger sister, Luin. Diarre turned to face the wind which blew her fur hood off of her head, revealing the silver hair underneath. Diarre searched but could only see snow. She broke into a sprint and followed the cries from Luin. The young Albian searched for her sister's figure. Thankfully Luin had black hair otherwise it would be nearly impossible to find her. Albians ranged from having white to dark gray scaled skin. Diarre had frost white scales that blended in with the snow bound terrain.

Finally she caught sight of her little sister's small silhouette. Diarre began to slow down but Luin joined her in a sprint, face full of worry.

"It's Matha," Luin panted.

The two sisters picked up speed and headed for the city of Medna. The dashed down the roads, not caring if they knocked anyone over. This was urgent, too urgent to apologize to anyone who was in shoved out of the way. They slowed down when they arrived to the weathered shack and walked in through the back door which was really just a cloth draped over the archway. Luin slipped into the kitchen and rushed over to their Matha's room. Diarre on the other hand paused and took a deep breath. She entered the crowded room preparing for the worse.

Luin had rushed to Matha's side where Aunt Soreene stood holding a wet rag on Matha's forehead. Matha laid on her back, breathing heavily and covered in sweat and blood. Matha was still alive and some relief came to Diarre. But her pale pink lips formed a tight frown as she leaned against the wall just in front of the empty door way.

Matha was going to die. They all knew. Soreene and Diarre had been taking care of the family for the past nine months but Soreene had to leave in a few days. If Matha did die, then Diarre would have to make a deal with the landlord which most likely meant she'd have to marry one of his sons or submit herself into slavery in order to keep her siblings off the streets. It was only a matter of time now.

Sorleene glanced at Diarre and stood up then walked over to the young girl, "Come," Sorleene mumbled to Diarre and walked into the kitchen. There in the kitchen was a woven basket near the sink. Sorleene had taken the newborn for a cleaning. Sorleene paused, she said nothing but the expression on her face was enough.

Diarre walked up to see the newborn. It was a boy but instead of happiness, Diarre felt the sharp pang of sadness. The baby's skin was covered with a thick, white mucus and blood. He was basically a living pile of goo. His irises were silver but his eyes were filled with thick tears of blood. He was wheezing which was a telltale sign that he was drowning in his own goo. Diarre's only brother had a condition called Alojin which was becoming increasingly more common among the Albian Race. His condition was so severe he would only live up to two days at most.

There were only two options. To let the boy suffer a slow, painful death or to kill him right away. Diarre looked to Sorleene to see if Matha had decided on his fate. Aunt Sorleene grimaced and looked away. Matha had made her decision. Sorleene walked out of the kitchen and Diarre knew that she had to do it and not her Aunt like she hoped.

Diarre let out a heavy sigh and picked up the basket with both hands. She walked outside, pausing to look at her brother again. "Matha said if she had a son she would name him Guilm." Diarre whispered, mainly to herself. She began to slowly walk down the sidewalk, heading northwest of her home. Albians who walked by and saw the baby gave Diarre faces full of sorrow and understanding. This was not a new occurrence. Not for Albians.

Diarre passed through the Darfin part of town. To her right young, blue scaled, Darfin teens played a game called Ice Battles. When she walked by they all stopped. Some got a glimpse of Guilm's features and instantly regretted looking. Darfins would never know the horrors.

At last the young Albian reached the very cliff she had been standing on earlier. She glanced down at Guilm and a tear escaped one of her eyes which contained blood red irises. She dropped to her knees and sobbed.

"I'm so sorry, Guilm!" She cried out, "I'm so sorry." The newborn cried with her. He knew. They all knew. "Maybe it's for the best,” She sniffled, “The Albian life is no good, Guilm. Maybe Jia will let you live again as a Geld or even a Zyn.”

Please Jia, please let him live another life. Diarre prayed. With one last look at her brother, Diarre set the basket down onto the snow in front of her. She looked away and pushed with her right hand against the basket until there was nothing left to push.

Diarre knew how he would die. There was a large, sharp spike made of diamond, protruding outwards. It was positioned exactly where the basket would land. A faint sound of the basket and bones snapping was enough proof for Diarre. She buried her head into her hands and sobbed for long time.

The life of an Albian was harsh. The only other life that could be worse would be that of a Diadan, servants of the Zyn Families. Diadans often had their tongues ripped out of their mouths to keep them from spilling any secrets they know.

Diarre [Dee-air]
Oldest daughter of Seelo (father is unknown perhaps landowner).
Race: Albian
Appearance: Long, silver hair, frost white scales, red irises, tall, athletic with long legs.
Age: 17

Luin [Lue-in]
Third oldest daughter of Seelo (father is unknown).
Race: Albian
Appearance: Medium length black hair, frost white scales, yellow irises, average height and skinny.
Age: 12

Matha [Mah-thah]
“Matha” is the word mother. Seelo is the mother of her 7 daughters and is very ill.
Race: Albian
Appearance: Short, pale gray scaled woman with long, black hair in a braid, gray eyes and frail, malnourished body.
Age: 43

Sorleene [Sor-lee-n]
Seelo’s younger sister from Jana, the sixth province of Savna, helps care for her older sister for nine months but has to leave a week or so after the birth and death of her nephew.
Appearance: Tall, athletic, Pale cream scales, long vanilla blonde hair and yellow irises.
Age: 35

Guilm [G-will-m]
Youngest child of Seelo and another son born with Alojin.
Appearance: Small, feeble infant covered in white mucus and blood with silver irises and bloody tears.
Age: 0 years, 45 minutes

Albian [Al-bee-an]
Diadan [Dee-ah-den]
Darfin [Dar-fin]
Medna [Meh-D-Nah]
Phaj [Phah-J]
Savna [Sah-Va-Nah]
Zyn [Zen]

Life In Savna: Part 1
This is a mini story based in the world of Thraesia. Notes are here in case you're lost:…
I know I already posted today but I'm pissed off right now....

I just spent two hours writing a mini story and I had completed part one perfectly. It was amazing! And then my computer flips out and leaves the page before I got to save it.


Fuck my life. I know I could just start over but damn that was frustrating. *face palm* I'm not gonna stop kicking myself for that one. 

Guess I'll have to write in on my other lap top that doesn't have internet access. 

I'm just...awg! Good God I'm pissed off at myself right now! I was just about to save and submit the damn thing right when it happened to! 


Anti-Complaint: I found a troll took my bait! :D It's so entertaining. 
Poor little Tea Pot doesn't even realize what happened. 

What You May Not Know But Should 

Who here has A.D.D. / A.D.H.D. ? 

A person with this brain disorder has a brain that functions differently most likely due to lack of certain chemicals needed in the brain. Most doctors will prescribe children, teens and adults with medications that are Amphetamines such as Ritalin, Concerta, Aderall and Vivanse. Amphetamines are stimulants (and highly addictive as well as a main ingredient in Methamphetamine.) These medications are also extremely dangerous physically and mentally. Some are not even approved by the U.S. FDA. These medications are experimental (all patients prescribed these are basically guinea pigs) and were originally for meth addicts to use in rehab kind of like a nicotine patch. 

Now lets look at all stimulant drugs:
Amphetamines - used for people with a common brain disorder called ADD/ADHD. Highly Addictive, key ingredient for Meth.
Methamphetamine - contains Amphetamines and is highly addictive.
Nicotine - Highly addictive (though I found no addiction when I tried smoking....I got nothing out of it).
Caffeine - deadly in dangerously high amounts.
Krokidil - Will actually cause you to be a fucking zombie. It causes rotting flesh and bone. (of course this is a synthetic drug).
Marijuana - Not highly addictive and not really any harmful side effects. AT ALL.

Marijuana is actually and healthier alternative for ADD/ADHD medication. Its a stimulant so it will work, it lasts longer and helps decrease the symptoms of the brain disorder. No liver damage, no brain damage, no heart damage and no lung damage. 

And scientists found that Marijuana basically causes ADD in a brain that originally did not have any disorders. Let me say this, that is not a big deal, I have ADD and I'm a fucking genius. 

I honestly think Marijuana should be used for people like me who have ADD/ADHD. In fact I'd be fine being a lab rat for that one. I've been on all forms of ADD medications and they all did a severe amount of damage to me, mentally and physically. 

I also think doctors should explain more about the medications they're prescribing. Mine failed to do so. I found out when it was too late how dangerous my medications were. 

Here's the thing, you are more likely to die taking any form of Amphetamine than from smoking or eating Marijuana.
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