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Alright, I'm naming my bakery "The Mad Hatter's Bakery"! I am currently working on the logo design using Adobe Illustrator CS6! So no one take my business name ya hear! 
Beautiful Blue by TTFNJinx
Beautiful Blue
These butterflies rarely open their wings when landed!

Cake Decorating!

I'm taking Cake Decorating classes woohoo! It's soo much fun but very messy! I have some experience with Cake Decorating but not a lot and soon I will have more. I see it as another form of art and I want to master it. 

My Literature

Notes For The World Of ThraesiaWorld: Thraesia
People: Thrae
Six Races
6 Continents
The Ancient Language of Thraesia:
Is a dying language only used by an ancient marginalization that consists mostly of Puries called Owls. This language is often abbreviated as A.T. or called by modern Thrae, Ancient Thraesian. The original name was Felshe.
Three main religions:
Phasianism [Fay-sha-nis-em]
Includes two main gods and 2 demi gods
Fasan: Immortal god of the sun, day and summer. When happy he is said to bring life good fortune and plenty of resources for survival. When displeased he is known for bringing droughts, causing wild fires, radiation, destruction of crops, starvation and wars.
God of Wind and Sky, fire, warmth, day, light and the sun
Bringer of growth, middle of life cycle
Symbols: Sun, candles, fire lilies
Animals associated with: fire flies, scarlet ibis, fire foxes, lions, flarolves.
Husband of Saja
Saja: immortal goddess of the moon, night and winter. When happy she is said to bring less harsh winters, happi

Life In Savna: Part 1
World: Thraesia
Continent: Savna
Province: Phaj (Second Province)
City: Medna

A tall, figure dressed in a thick fur jacket and fur pants and white snow boots, also fur stood a the edge of the cliff. The harsh, cold wind was the only welcome one could get here in the second province of Savna. She stood still, back facing the wind, looking over the raging sea of temperatures cold enough to kill. The ice was breaking, it was summer here, in Phaj, though one might not agree with that. Diarre had been standing in the same position for a long time now.
"Diarre!" A voice cried out through to harsh winds, "Diarre!"
It was her younger sister, Luin. Diarre turned to face the wind which blew her fur hood off of her head, revealing the silver hair underneath. Diarre searched but could only see snow. She broke into a sprint and followed the cries from Luin. The young Albian searched for her sister's figure. Thankfully Luin had black hair otherwise it would be nearly impossible to find her.

Mini Story 2: Poor Little DollMini Story 2: Part 1
World: Thraesia
Continent: Lirosia
City: Baylasa (Capitol City of Lirosia)
The giant palace of Baylasa, Lirosia sat in the center of the South Pole and was surrounded by beautiful, giant diamonds that rose hundreds of feet above the surface of the great land. This place was haven and a fairy tale to most countries. Unknown to some, Lirosia was very real.
The palace was sculpted out Obsidian Marble which gave the place a daunting appearance. But it was truly divine. The only known existence of such marble was in fact used for this palace and was found here in Lirosia.
Corvin stood outside, his master having just relieved him of service for the day. The darfin man had pale blue scales and dirty blonde hair. His eyes the color of the ocean, focused on the horizon.
Footsteps came behind him but he did not need to see who it was. She told him she'd meet him here. Taking in a deep breath, Corvin turned to look at the young girl. But the girl he saw the day before was not

This is a story I'm working on. I'm inspired by an amazing author named Brandon Sanderson who wrote the trilogy series ever made called "Mistborn" . He created a fictional world, including people with different accents, special powers, dead religions, new religions, history of the world and incredible creatures. In the stories he includes major plot twists that no one can predict and many shocking surprises. 

I now look for books to be unpredictable like Brandon Sanderson's. His work has inspired me to create my own fictional universe with a world called Thraesia [Thray-Shee-ah]. The world has different races, religions, accents, multiple countries and has plenty of stories to write about. Unlike Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy, my world will include more than one continent and more experiences of the people in the story.

I am currently writing what I call "mini" stories which helps create characters and the life they endure. I also have notes that I am always editing that help explain certain things about the fictional world. 

But do know this, these stories and notes may not be grammatically correct. I have no editor (Besides Microsoft Word) and these are just drafts. They will be edited over time.

Please do not steal my work. 

Jinx ~
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Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United States
Howdy Ya'll!

I do live In U.S. and in the southern area so yes I say ya'll and soda. :D

I am an artist at heart and will soon start up my own business!

I also love science especially Biology (Including Epidemiology, Genetics, Anatomy and Neurology)

I absolutely love meeting new people and visiting new places.

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